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The Golden City of India, Jaisalmer. This city has yellowish sands as its rug and Jaisalmer Fort as its crown. This city is famous for its 12th-century forts and Havelis. This city lies in the great Thar Desert with rich history and exotic camels and fine-merchant buildings. And the desert safari experience is unmatchable if compared to any other place. The city offers wonderful stays in the vast spread of the Thar desert and a number of exciting activities to give you a totally unforgettable experience. The city is also loaded with brilliant hand-crafted works that will take you back in time to where you will see the Indian culture and heritage. Hence to choose a better Jaisalmer Tour Package, Rajasthan Travel Helpline is 24/7 available for you. So that you do get confused while planning your trip to Jaisalmer.

Things To Do

Being in Jaisalmer, the first thing that you will want to do and you should do is the desert safari. These desert safari experiences are not only thrilling and adventurous but also very fun and exciting. The best thing about this safari is that you can do it either by jeep or camel. And safari on camel’s hump is something that should surely not be missed. You can explore other places like Jaisalmer Fort, ancient Kuldhara Village, beautifully crafted Jain temples, Gadisar Lake, Sam Sand Dunes, and many more places. This city remains hot all the time of year. But definitely should avoid going there in the month of May-June because these two months generally experience heat degrees above 45, which is very very hot. You can explore this place in winter as the days remain milder during winter.

With Rajasthan Travel Helpline

With Rajasthan Travel Helpline your traveling experience will be a lot smoother than expected. Here we try to give better prices for various tour packages and also we customize the packages according to your convenience just because you get full satisfaction while traveling. Our services include full guiding while on a trip, suggesting better stay services, better food services, and various other little things that will enhance your traveling experience. Jaisalmer Tour Package will include various things like food, stays, sight-seeings, and activities all at one place with the 24/7 assistance of our staff.
In Rajasthan Travel Helpline, you can also get your cab booking services and car rentals in Rajasthan.

Popular Tour Packages For Rajasthan

Are you planning to travel across India? Rajasthan is among the best tourist places to visit in India. With a jaw-dropping ancient history, eye-catching deserts, beautiful monuments, national parks, and lakes, Rajasthan is a complete holiday package for travelers

We have designed several holiday packages for you. We will cover everything for you, whether you are looking for Jaipur Package Tour, Udaipur Tour Packages, or Jaisalmer Tour Package. The best part is that you can customize these tour packages according to your need and requirement. We believe in total freedom, and let’s spend the vacation together.

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